Sunday, September 9, 2007


Today was the last day at the 2007 LPGA NW Arkansas Championship. A disappointing day. There was a lot of rain throughout the weekend, and it ended up that the whole thing got cancelled. But here’s the thing. Everyone got through 18 holes by about 9:30 this morning. There needs to be 36 holes played in order to the event to be counted. However, the officials called it this morning, citing a strong possibility of rain in the afternoon. But, low and behold, it is now about 7:45 pm, and the whole day has been just beautiful. Just enough clouds to provide shade, a slight breeze…in fact, I was depressed when I had to go inside to file photos. I think there are some conspiracy theories floating around, though. Stacy Lewis was an amateur playing in the tournament (she plays for UA, in the Razorback hat below), and was leading when the event was called, and I think some are saying it was because the LPGA officials didn’t want an amateur winning the event.

These photos are from the last couple of days.


Michael said...

I really enjoyed you LPGA stuff man. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

May I have Natalie Gulbis for breakfast, lunch and dinner? And Christmas, too?

Mark Buffalo said...

Great stuff. I bet it was wet! Ha ha.

I work for the stephens papers around Little Rock. We met at the all-star basketball game back in June at Bud Walton Arena. Marc told me that you would be in LR on Saturday. I hope to see you there.

Mark Buffalo