Friday, September 21, 2007


I went home this weekend, so the first two pictures are my dogs, Doofus the Westie and Todd the Beagle. Doofus is destroying a nerf football (you can almost hear it scream). Todd is bravely defending the homeland against chipmunks. Evidently, this involves sitting around in the sun and waiting for a chipmunk to randomly run into his mouth. I also spent last night tying. I'm always looking for bass patterns that don't take 45 minutes of spinning deer hair to tie. This is kind of a souped up bugger. Chartruese everything, on a Daiichi 1750 #6 hook, a 1/4 ounce conehead, and rubber legs every 1/3 of the hook shank, and .010 lead underbelly. Threw in some chartruese Krystal Flash on the tail. I think the #6 hook is too small (still thinking in trout terms), but we'll try them this weekend.


Z-Man said...

great light on the fly photo, just need a trout on the end of it.

Wes Putt said...

I almost said, "Spare the rod, spoil the tier."

I need to get back into fishing. God, I miss it.